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Coming at you with our new Record Culture Roundup – a quick scan through our most recent vinyl arrivals, recommended listening and exciting pre-orders, plus any other fluff we can crowbar in! 


In spite of our love for the new stuff, the release we were most excited for this week is a reissue. But when it’s Pixies how could it not be? The 30th anniversary of the American grunge Gods third album Bossanova is available now on transparent red vinyl. Released in August 1990, Bossanova is – unpopular opinion alert – our favourite Pixies record (show me a better 1-2-3 than 'Cecilia Ann' - 'Rock Music' - 'Velouria'.) With the harder rock sound of debut Surfer Rosa and the accessible pop melodies of DoolittleBossanova is the most complete, straight-up rock record in the Pixies catalogue, too often overshadowed by its more popularised predecessors (which were also immense, obviously.) 

jonathan something cannibal house rules vinyl

Back to the new music where it’s a big week for Billy Nomates, the DIY pop star from Melton Mowbray who’s been on quite the trajectory this year. Her fierce, cage-rattling debut album Billy Nomates sees the light of day this week, pressed on an indie store exclusive yellow vinyl worthy of the August sunshine itself.

Another favourite release at our Record Shack this week is Cannibal House Rules, the third album from puckish synth-pop maestro Jonathan Something. If you’re new to Jonathan’s world, imagine a lo-fi basement session between Alex Cameron and Ariel Pink and you’re somewhere close. Cannibal House Rules verges on the pastiche; an accidental throwback to lip-syncing and bad dancing of the pop world ‘80s, with all the feels of Italo Disco and bad B-movie soundtracksIn a good way. 

moscoman time slips away vinyl

ElsewhereTime Slips Away, the new album from Moscoman has found some love this week. It’s lushed-out dance vibes were perfect for one of the hottest days on record and features some great guest slots. Producer Washed Out returned with fourth album Purple Moon on, yup, purple vinyl, Jason Molina’s posthumous collection of last studio recordings, Eight Gates, arrived into store on “shortcake splash” coloured wax, while indie-pop darlings Glass Animals returned with third album Dreamland (very limited stock on blue vinyl available there).

You can check out all new releases here.

We also received stock this week of much sought after copies of 
Ballet Of Apes by Brigid Dawson And The Mothers Network, and the debut release from Coriky – the melodic punk project that reunites Fugazi members Ian MacKaye and Joe Lally.

In pre-orders land, New Order accounced the definitive, collectors box set of 
Power, Corruption And Lies, alongside four standalone 12” single reissues – Blue MondayConfusionMurder and Thieves Like Us. Elsewhere, PJ Harvey continues her reissue campaign with the announcement of Dance Hall At Louse Point, her collaboration with John Parish, coming in October. The unfathomably prolific John Dwyer is returning soon with TWO new releases: Protean Threat, the latest from the shapeshifting Oh Sees/The Oh Sees/OCS (here called OSEES) and Bent Arcana, Dwyer’s collaborative jammy, proggy, fusion project. Finally, we don’t get excited by CDs much these days but we make an exception for 1978 The Year The UK Turned Day-Glo; a 3CD collection plus 48-page booklet that chronicles the period immediately after the most significant punk rock period. 79 incredible tracks for £20, who’s in?

You can check out all pre-orders here.


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