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by B Boys
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Parquet Courts-lite could be a smidge insulting a description for B Boys, though in fairness it is near impossible to listen to them, talk about them or, of course, write about them without the compulsion to do a side-by-side with their New York compatriots. At times the similarities are downright uncanny.  B Boys wouldn’t be the first group to resemble Parquet Courts. It’s the whole New York sound again isn’t it; an unmistakable localised remnant of a semi-bygone punk scene. Indeed, some would say that Parquet Courts themselves are only clones of something else before them.

Still, it is Brooklyn’s B Boys and that New York sound, their fusion of Parquet and Beastie Boys, that keeps the scene alive and moving. Dada is a great listen in its own right though; short, razor-sharp punk numbers with barrel-loads of energy.


1. B Boys Anthem
2. Another Thing
3. Discipline
4. Psycho (Still)
5. Flatlands
6. Distance
7. I
8. Energy
9. 1 2 Reminder
10. Fade
11. Fear It
12. Time
13. Walking
14. (No Title - Vinyl Only)


Released: May 2017
Cat: CT258LP / Captured Tracks