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In Heaven

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Oakland-based country singer/songwriter Nic Stusso, otherwise known by his stage name Dick Stusso describes himself as being like a drunk and unsuccessful version of Elvis Presley. Obviously that’s not true, at least not any more.

In Heaven is an album that’s about life, or rather the end of life. Stusso explores ideas of human mortality with such an overwhelming sense of calm that you can’t help sit back and sigh as he croons over warm and delicate bass lines. “Nobody wants to look at the dark heart, I don’t blame you. Noboday wants to look at the dark heart, myself included. I’m just looking for a good time and a little cash-uh.”

Put together in an old, abandoned church along with psych visionary producer Greg Ashley, In Heaven is an album that will get you thinking about The Void, capitalism and the fragility of human life in the most relaxing and chilled-out way possible like only good ol’ country music can.

Released: March 2018
Cat: HAR103
Label: Hardly Art



01. Well Acquainted 2:55
02. The Bullshit Century Pt. 1 3:01
03. Up the Stream 2:44
04. Modern Music 4:51
05. Addendum 1:07
06. Phasing Out 2:06
07. Getting Loose 3:13
08. Terror Management 3:21
09. The Big Car Commercial Payout 3:25
10. In Heaven 3:12