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3D Routine

by Mush

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3D Routine is the debut full-length album from Leeds’ alternative indie-rock band Mush and follows their very well-received Induction Party EP, released in 2019. Corroborating their list of influences – cited as Sonic Youth, Pavement, Television and The Fall – 3D Routine is a jagged, enjoyable and unsteady post-punk gambol that is very much at home in 2020 alongside wonky indie artists like Squid or Black Country, New Road, or progressive punk bands like LIFE and N0V3L. 3D Routine is available in an indie store exclusive orange vinyl. A digital download is included.

Released: February 2020
Cat: MI0577
Label: Memphis Industries



1. Revising My Fee
2. Eat The Etiquette
3. Existential Dread
4. Coronation Chicken
5. Island Mentality
6. Fruits Of The Happening
7. Hey Gammon Head
8. 3D Routine
9. Gig Economy
10. Poverty Pornography
11. No Signal In The Paddock
12. Alternative Facts