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The Blips


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What happens when five frontmen form a band? Probably disaster. Possibly collaborative beauty. In the case of Birmingham, Alabama's The Blips, it's the latter. Their self-titled debut album sounds less like a casual experiment than a band that has been playing together for years. With The Blips sharing lead vocals, guitar, and bass duties, this surprisingly cohesive and high energy album ranges from straight-forward garage rock to hit-and-run rockers to pop ballads with massive lead parts and gang vocals. They've even got a song called 'Wild Thing II'. The Blips are Taylor Hollingsworth, Wes McDonald, Eric Wallace, and Chris McCauley.

Released: April 2021
Cat: CCR50
Label: Cornelius Chapel



1. Inside Out
2. Walking Home
3. Throw Me Around
4. Out To Sea
5. Wild Thing II
6. Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
7. Same Do
8. Gold Rush
9. Patty's Patio
10. One And Done