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by Wire

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10:20 was supposed to be an RSD 2020 exclusive release but due to format changes and near-cancellation of the event, Wire decided to make this release available to all. 10:20 offers a glimpse into the working practices of the most formidable and hard-working post-punk bands of all time. When Wire play live there are 3 classes of pieces that are performed: new songs, old songs and “new old” songs. The latter often involves taking something that existed on a previous release and re-working it, very often evolving a stage highlight from it. They're also pieces that have never seen a major release but for some reason never fitted on an album. The best of these ideas were recorded in 2 sessions - one relating to Red Barked Tree but recorded in 2010 and another relating to Wire’s latest album Mind Hive released in 2020. The album divides into two halves - the 2010 side & the 2020 side - hence the title.

Released: June 2020
Cat: PF26
Label: Pink Flag



1. Boiling Boy
2. German Shepherds
3. He Knows
4. Underwater Experiences
5. The Art of Persistence
6. Small Black Reptile
8. Over Theirs
7. Wolf Collides