Back Ordering

When a product is not currently (or ever) held in stock, it may still be available as a back order, which simply means we can order it in from our own suppliers, especially for you! Go ahead and add it to your cart like any other order – and we'll do the rest...


Because we have to order the title through our own suppliers first we like to give a conservative shipping estimate of 1 - 2 weeks.

This is an average dispatch time and some orders may ship much sooner – likewise there may be a longer wait depending on the item. We’ll keep you updated as much as possible but simply contact us if you’re worried.

If you have standard in-stock items and back order items in the same order, shipping is held until all items are in and ready to ship together. If time is important, you could be better off placing separate orders for in-stock and back order items - same goes for pre-orders.


We don't have special access to a multi-supplier super-database (unfortunately) – keeping our catalogue updated is a totally manual process. Back order stock level are checked as often as possible but there will inevitably be the odd error where the item is no longer in print or in stock, so please don't be too offended if we tell you we can't get your chosen item after all.

Something Else?

Didn’t find the record you’re looking for? No problem, as long as it’s fairly recent (a release within the last few years) and still in print/in stock with suppliers, we can probably get it. Simply contact us and we’ll add it to our available Back Order titles for you.