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☀ Record Culture is going on holiday. Please read. ☀
Record Culture is going on holiday. Please read.

Record Shack Update


Thankfully, this is not a “we’ve had to close permanently due to COVID-19” message! On the contrary, in this time of unprecedented struggle for record shops, we actually have good news.

We have decided to EXTEND the size of our shack on Smithfield market, and have begun work on this already.  Any of our lovely customers who’ve paid attention might have noticed our shack was attached to another. Well, we are breaking through and extending into it, meaning we will double in size.

It might seem like a crazy time to do this. And it is. It was always something we would hope to do at some point. In the current situation where we are unable to open anyway, we figured we’re never likely to get this chunk of time again so we may as well just bloody do it.

In simple terms, this means our shop will:

  • Have twice the amount of new vinyl for you to rifle through
  • Have space to begin stocking music-related books again and other merch
  • Just be bigger, and better!

We hope to have suitably smashed the shack to pieces and put it back together again by the time everything blows over and hope to see you all down there when things get back to normal : )

The main reason for this message, other than just putting out some good vibes for a change, is to let you know that we will inevitably go a bit quiet on social media and the like for a bit and this is the reason why. Please continue to contact us regards orders, pre-orders, back orders as normal.