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Eat The Elephant

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A Perfect Circle – the pet project of Tool frontman and Puscifer visionary Maynard James Keenan and guitarist Billy Howerdel – returns from a 14-year hiatus with new album Eat The Elephant, the fourth album overall.

Generally more easily-digested than the more progressive grunge-metal style of Tool, A Perfect Circle stick to formula for the most part on Eat The Elephant. Full-sounding, big melodic rock music is omnipresent, naturally, but there is a new sense of maturity here (Keenan and Howerdel are 53 and 47 respectively now to be fair), as well as a dissipation of an angry side, at least on surface-level anyway. There is also an unescapable axiom that the Puscifer experiment has played influencer here too – which is absolutely no bad thing – particularly evident on standout track ‘The Doomed’, an ominous assessment on modern day class inequalities, doubtless founded on certain political switches in current US government.

That aforementioned maturity we spoke of can best be found on tracks such as ‘So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish’, a track that pays ode to fallen icons like Bowie, Carrie Fisher and Muhammad Ali, a track that confronts their own mortality.

In fairness, to suggest they are now ‘mature’ implies they were previously immature which does them a disservice actually. Keenan and co are perhaps now merely grounded. Content, perhaps, but with plenty left to say.



01. Eat the Elephant
02. Disillusioned
03. Contrarian
04. The Doomed
05. So Long, And Thanks For All the Fish
06. TalkTalk
07. By and Down the River
08. Delicious
09. DLB
10. Hourglass
11. Feathers
12. Get the Lead Out


Released: April 2018
Cat: 4050538374315 / BMG