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Near Miss

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When people talk shoegaze royalty, the usual suspects come up; My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Slowdive. Not nearly as often do Brighton’s Air Formation get a nod. Which of course they should because their contribution to the shoegaze fraternity is as significant as anybody’s.

By 2011 Air Formation had released four albums and parted ways. In another case of triumphant return, they reunited in 2015 and released the Were We Ever Here EP and now, seven years after parting, release their first new material since – Near Miss; an 8-track strong magic carpet ride of shoegaze hedonism.

Recorded and mixed by Pat Collier, Near Miss is the sound of a band not content stepping into the same old shoes. There’s huge progress in the form of frenetic sonic onslaughts, alongside the exploration of themes only a more mature band can make work. Talking about album highlight ‘Vanishing Act’, frontman Matt Bartram said, “…be free of any responsibility, show your true emotions without consequence, go back to the way you were in those rose tinted days gone by”. The frantic middle third on ‘Vanishing Act’ represents that feeling exactly, before the savage realities of life hit once again.


  1. Near Miss
  2. Vanishing Act
  3. God Let Me Down
  4. Formation 4
  5. M
  6. Night Chimes
  7. Clouds Of Orion
  8. Hearing Echoes

Released: March 2018
Cat: AC3015001 / Club AC30