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AK79 (40th Anniversary)


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December 2019 marks the 40 year anniversary of an important record in our lives, AK79. Within the grooves of this historical landmark compilation lies a connection to our musical whakapapa as New Zealanders and music lovers. A defining record, having captured a raw snapshot of the punk subculture in Auckland during the late 70s, this much-loved compilation is a living, breathing statement of what came before today. To mark this very special occassion, Flying Nun Records pays tribute to those ragged and rambunctious years by presenting AK79 40th Anniversary Edition reissue. Featuring new liner notes written by Ripper Records’ Bryan Staff, the will feature all songs ever featured on any version of AK79 for a complete look at its recorded history.

Released: March 2020
Cat: FN279
Label: Flying Nun Records



1. Mysterex - The Scavengers
2. Never Been To Borstal - The Terrorways
3. I Am A Rabbit - Proud Scum
4. True Love - The Scavengers
5. Suicide - Proud Scum
6. She’s A Mod - The Terrorways
7. Certain Sound - The Swingers
8. Funny Stories - The Primmers
9. Squeeze - Toy Love
10. Baby - The Swingers
11. You’re Gonna Get Done - The Primmers
12. Toy Love Song - Toy Love
13. Megaton - Suburban Reptiles
14. Coup D'etat - Suburban Reptiles
15. Routine - The Scavengers
16. Suicide 2 - Proud Scum
17. Short Haired Rock And Roll - The Terrorways
18. Frogs - Toy Love
19. Saturday Night Stay At Home - Suburban Reptiles
20. City Scenes – Features
21. Feel So Good - The Spelling Mistakes
22. First In Line - Marching Girls
23. Hate Me Hate Me - The Spelling Mistakes
24. Victim – Features
25. True Love (Marching Girls Version) - Marching Girls.