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Beautiful Thing


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Whilst all the members of Hot Chip are off doing their own thing Alexis Taylor has released his fifth solo studio album.

Alexis has a unique voice and his music is distinctive, both of which are abundantly apparent on this album. Beautiful Thing sounds as creative from the first beat to the last, as we’ve come to expect from this experimental music maestro.

The title track ‘Beautiful Thing’ is a flurry of electronic harmonies and storytelling. It does honestly sound like poetry to music, and that’s a wonderful thing. Perhaps during the Hot Chip days, the heavy emphasis on music overshadowed his lyrics, which have now been unleashed, and how!

I would strongly recommend you are in the right frame of mind to listen to an album of this complexity. If you want to kick back and chill this isn’t the right album, if you want to fully immerse yourself in a listening experience then it most definitely is.

Whilst you’re listening you can also watch the beautiful heavyweight orange vinyl spin. Just how Alexis would want it. Probably.



1. Dreaming Another Life
2. Beautiful Thing
3. Deep Cut
4. Roll On Blank Tapes
5. Suspicious of Me
6. A Hit Song
7. Oh Baby
8. There’s Nothing to Hide
9. I Feel You
10. Out of Time
11. Distance Between Us
12. Moral Dream
13. 2/15


Released: April 2018
Cat: WIGLP403 / Domino