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Alien: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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He might not have enjoyed working with Ridley Scott, but with the Alien Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Jerry Goldsmith created one of the most haunting and complex experiments in film scores ever used in cinema. Often devastating in its power, there is an underscore of intelligence that Goldsmith has always excelled at. This isn’t the version of the soundtrack that Scott chopped and changed on the film’s release. This is an unfiltered glimpse of genius, with breathtaking and now iconic themes gradually rising in intensity, reflecting the action and suspense of the groundbreaking film.

Best track of the album has to be ‘Parker’s Death’, which uses diverse instruments to create a vigorous and violent blast to the senses that works so well that it’s difficult to imagine the scene ever working without it.

Perhaps if Scott and Goldsmith had worked together more fluidly we wouldn’t have had to wait so long for this atmospheric masterpiece, but the wait was certainly worth it. Ominous and more than a little melancholy in places, this soundtrack is a rollercoaster of emotional power, with an undertone of sensuality that reflects the dark beauty of the Alien itself.



Side A
01. Main Title 4:12
02. Hyper Sleep 2:46
03. The Landing 4:31
04. The Terrain 2:21

Side B
05. The Craft 1:00
06. The Passage 1:49
07. The Skeleton 2:31
08. A New Face 2:34
09. Hanging On 3:39
10. The Lab 1:05
11. Drop Out 0:57

Side C
12. Nothing To Say 1:51
13. Cat Nip 1:01
14. Here Kitty 2:08
15. The Shaft 4:30
16. It's A Droid 3:28
17. Parker's Death 1:52

Side D
18. The Eggs 2:23
19. Sleepy Alien 1:04
20. To Sleep 1:56
21. The Cupboard 3:05
22. Out The Door 3:13
23. End Title 3:09


Released: October 2017
Cat: MOND27 /Mondo