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If you’re looking for an album that will inspire you to rebel and go rioting against the capitalist machine, you’ve just found it.

Paul Allen from the Heads and Gareth Turner and Jesse Webb from the Big Naturals are Anthroprophh, a psychedelic experimental punk rock band. I think.

I’m not going to lie, after listening to this album I felt angry. Really angry. I wanted to start a violent revolution, I wanted to go tell my old school teachers to fuck off. It’s THAT kind of an album.

That’s a good thing though. Music should generate emotion. It should make you feel. Whether that feeling is love, despair, happiness or even anger.

Omegaville is packed with smart riffs and ridiculous amounts of noise. I’ve never seen Anthroprophh live but it is now on my bucket list – and looking at the header image on the band’s Facebook page, it may well turn out to be my last ever gig on this mortal coil.

But what a way to go!

Released: March 2018
Cat: LAUNCH127
Label: Rocket Recordings



01. 2029
02. Dead Inside
03. Housing Act
04. Oakmoll
05. Sod
06. Death Salad
07. Why Are You Smiling? 08. I
09. Maschine
10. Human Beast
12. Journey out of OMEGAVILLE and into the...........