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by Arca
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Venezuela-via-Dalston producer Arca releases studio album number three on XL. Arca, real name Alejandro Ghersi, is certainly one of your emotions in full-view kind of artists – balls out the bag type thing.  Heartbreak, sensuality, longing, connection, confrontation are just some of the words we’ve seen used to describe this record. Not that we should confuse that with sappiness or anything close, it’s just real, heartfelt and very, very personal.

The musical backdrop is reminiscent of Bjork or Sigur Ros and, hugely exotic for Arca fans, he now sings too. Ghersi’s voice sometimes sweeps operatically across the record, other times it whispers, but what is always great here is the capture of the vocals. Ghersi has an amazing falsetto but there are also natural breaks and croaks that are captured warts and all giving the recording the purity Ghersi had presumably hoped for.


1. Piel
2. Anoche
3. Saunter
4. Urchin
5. Reverie
6. Castration
7. Sin Rumbo
8. Coraje
9. Whip
10. Desafío
11. Fugaces
12. Miel
13. Child


Released: April 2017
Cat: XLLP834 / XL Recordings