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Bang Bang Rock And Roll (2020)

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Bang Bang Rock And Roll is the seminal 2005 debut album from legendary indie band Art Brut and is reissued 15 years later on gold vinyl. Sounding as fresh as it ever did, this reissue is likely to pick up fans that missed these angular arty indie types the first time around when the kids were too busy digging on the Kaiser Chiefs.

Released: April 2020
Label: Alcopop



1. Subliminal Desire for Adventure
2. Formed A Band
3. My Little Brother
4. Emily Kane
5. Rusted Guns Of Milan
6. Modern Art
7. Good Weekend
8. Bang Bang Rock & Roll
9. Fight!
10. Moving To L.A.
11. Bad Weekend
12. Stand Down
13. 18,000 Lira