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Genetic Cabaret

by Asylums

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In the privacy of a world-class studio with legendary recording engineer and sound alchemist Steve Albini, Asylums have recorded new album Genetic Cabaret, their genius follow up to 2018’s acclaimed Alien Human Emotions. Whilst recording, the band split their time between Chicago, whose big honest soul superseded the garish horrifying pantomime of Trump’s America, Norway and Germany, where Brexit shame was temporarily suppressed like a bad nightmare. The 4 pieces are now back on the floundering isle of chaos that is home, nails bloody from picking the real from the farce and bursting at the guts with tales of runaway adventures, magpie wisdom and furious hope. Asylums have big new things to say. Originally described as “Blur if they were raised in Seattle or signed to Sub-Pop" or “the excitement you felt when you first heard Buzzcocks or Manics”, the development of Asylums has taken them into a brand new sonic space – a combination of anger and experimentalism, of whispered secrets and musical mood swings. For those that need a “for fans of...” reference - think Fontaines DC and METZ gene-spliced with The Flaming Lips and Spiritualised.

Released: July 2020
Label: Cool Thing Records



1. Catalogue Kids
2. Platitudes
3. A Perfect Life In A Perfect World
4. A Town Full Of Boarded Up Windows
5. Clean Money
6. Who Writes Tomorrows Headlines?
7. The Distance Between Left & Right
8. The Miracle Age
9. Adrenaline Culture
10. Yuppie Germs
11. Genetic Cabaret
12. Dull Days