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Here Come The Runts

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Multi-platinum artist AWOLNATION, comprised only of American multi-instrumentalist and producer Aaron Bruno, returns with a third studio album that is both heavy yet hook-laden and poppy. Released on Red Bull Records, Bruno crafted Here Come The Runts in his home studio with a focus towards what he calls ‘real playing’. The resulting product is raw and visceral yet without any loss of clarity or definition. The record’s first two singles, ‘Passion’ and ‘Seven Sticks of Dynamite’, feature vocals so perfectly produced Bruno could be singing in the same room as the listener. When Bruno shouts ‘Blow my Mind’ in ‘Passion’ you really feel it, man. The accompanying guitar and drums are heavily distorted and provide the counterpoint that gives the music that extremely sought after, and difficult to achieve, live feel. It’s a powerful sound; heavy live instrumentation with carefully produced hook-laden vocals which results in a clear yet aggressive listening experience.

Bruno has crafted a very interesting record. Simultaneously heavy and pop-orientated it has an extremely wide appeal; one that will grab the attention of fans of anything from the Foo Fighters to Bastille.



1. Here Come The Runts
2. Passion
3. Sound Witness System
4. Miracle Man
5. Handyman
6. Jealous Buffoon
7. Seven Sticks of Dynamite 8. A Little Luck… And A Couple of Dogs
9. Table For One
10. My Molasses
11. Cannonball
12. Tall, Tall Tale
13. The Buffoon
14. Stop That Train


Released: February 2018
Cat: RBR0520 / Red Bull Records