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Bat Fangs

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America’s Bat Fangs are here with their debut, self-titled album. The band members themselves, a kind of super group compromising of Ex Hex bassist Betsy Wright, and Flesh Wounds’ drummer Laura King, have teamed up to produce a breath taking 9 track slab of vinyl that rocks and rolls from start to finish.

The power pop duo are not afraid to throw themselves back to the days of 90s ‘grrrl’ bands, but they also add harmonies to their tunes that exude fun and humour.

This album is raw, it needs to be. It’s catchy and it rocks. Stand out single ‘Wolf Bite’ enjoys sneering at its audience, while other prominent tracks, such as ‘Rock the Reaper’ drive us on relentlessly, thundering drums et al, towards closing track ‘Fangs Out’, by which time we are left breathless and dazed.

Bat Fangs revel in old-school horror movie iconography; there are werewolves and vampires waiting on every track corner, ready to pounce on fans of music that is as fun power-pop, as it is garage-rock blues. The obviously differing influences of its two band members ensure that both are here in plentiful supply. It’s a blend that works.

A bitingly excellent debut release.



1. Turn It Up
2. Rock The Reaper
3. Bad Astrology
4. Boy Of Summer
5. Static
6. Wolfbite
7. Heartbeat
8. Mercury
9. Fang Out


Released: February 2018
Cat: LPDG161 / Don Giovanni