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Wolf Of The Cosmos

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Will Oldham aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy aka Palace aka…..well you get the idea. This guy has more aliases than Julian Assange’ Just Eat account.

He’s a complex guy and that really comes across in his song writing. He’s troubled. Troubled by his own life, troubled by the world around him and I don’t know for sure, but I imagine he really labours over each and every note in a song.

So, can you imagine the work that went in to making a tribute to Norwegian artist Susanna’s 2007 album Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos. For an artist with this amount of integrity and this very devoted fanbase it must have been torturous.

Worth it. What a result. All that labour has paid off in spades. Wolf Of The Cosmos is beautiful, magnificent and a million other superlatives. A perfect homage to a fellow minimalist artist that he clearly has a lot of respect for.



1. Intruder
2. Born In The Desert
3. Hangout
4. People Living
5. Stay
6. For You
7. Better Days
8. Traveling
9. Demon Dance
10. Home Recording
11. We Offer
12. Lily


Released: April 2018
Cat: WIGLP420 / Domino