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Ich Liebe Dich

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It will have taken a lockdown to get talented Swiss artists and real-life friends Sophie Hunger, Faber and Dino Brandão to collaborate as a trio for the first time. Today, they unveil an exciting new project, Brandão Faber Hunger and announce a love manifesto. Ich Liebe Dich is a collection of 12 original songs in Swiss German dialect, recorded in August 2020 at the La Frabrique Studio, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France. This album is a movement that sounds like the beginning of the world and yet remains almost untraceable in the Swiss-German musical tradition. This is an attempt to bring love back to the centre of reality.

Released: January 2021
Cat: TWOGTL822
Label: Two Gentlemen



1. Ouverture
2. Ich liebe Dich, Faber
3. Putsch
4. Wäge dem
5. Mega Happy
6. Ich liebe Dich, Sophie
7. Euse Rosegarte
8. Hoffnigslos Hoffnigslos
9. Dr Hunger wird schlimmer
10. Ich liebe Dich, Dino
11. E Nacht a de Langstrass
12. Eis Hämmer immer no gno
13. Derfi di hebe