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Let The Dancers Inherit The Party

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BSP are a strange one aren’t they? It feels like they have been around since the fall of Italy in ’43, and yet, while a popular outfit in their own right, have always remained on the fringes of superstardom while Coldplay and Mumford & Sons whizzed past on bicycles made of vegetables and wicker. Not that BSP probably care, mind, and on album number six the lads produce another shot of their highly accessible brand of rock music.

Lead single ‘Bad Bohemian’ is easily as good a track as the band have ever lay down and certainly one of the standout singles of the year so far. There’s an apparent sense within BSP super-fandom that ‘Let The Dancer’s…’ may be the record that finally breaks them through into mainstream consciousness. It is undoubtedly getting the kind of positive acclaim required to do so anyway.

We have the deluxe edition in store, which is two big, thick LP’s wrapped in a heavy gatefold sleeve.



1. Intro
2. Bad Bohemian
3. International Space Station
4. What You’re Doing
5. The Voice Of Ivy Lee
6. Keep On Trying (Sechs Freunde)
7. Electrical Kittens
8. Saint Jerome
9. Praise For Whatever
10. Want To Be Free
11. Don’t Let The Sun Get In The Way
12. Alone Piano