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Subway Zydeco

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Okay so first, a history lesson. Zydeco was a form of music that came out of Louisiana’s Creole population in the early 20th century. From recorded history at least, though its roots are suspected to go much farther. And when people talk about “roots” music, Zydeco is just about as roots as it gets. Sometimes referred to as “la-la music”, Zydeco derives its name from a colloquial Creole French term for poverty and as such was an expressive outlet for the rural poor in the South.


Often identifiable by its strong use of the accordion and a frottoir (a washboard-vest), modern day Zydeco incorporates elements of soul, reggae, rock and Afro-Carribean styles alongside the more traditional forms.

Here, Mick Collins (Gories/Dirtbombs) plugs into his Louisiana roots for his new project, the debut album from Broadway Lafayette. Subway Zydeco taps in to the spirit of old, deep Louisiana black roots and it’s an energetic, vibrant and brilliant body of work.

What this particular writer enjoys so much about Subway Zydeco is that is isn’t especially what I would consider to be “my thing”. I don’t especially have much deep-seated love for blues, Creole or indeed Zydeco, but therein lies the joy. It’s just so different and eclectic. Get yourself on board this bayou blues boogie!

Released: April 2018
Cat: LP01372
Label:  Hound Gawd



Side 1
1. Zydeco Music – 3:19
2. Bad Luck Joe – 3:10
3. One Thing At A Time – 3:22
4. Precious – 2:22
5. Girl De Hong Kong – 3:33

Side 2
1. Bayou Lover – 3:36
2. Mechante – 2:44
3. Limpiar – 3:06
4. Angola Dreams – 2:49
5. Ou Es-Tu? – 2:31
6. Ballade – 3:42