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Making A Door Less Open


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It might have the worst album title you’ve heard in your life, but Will Toledo knows a thing or two about crafting sublime indie-pop at this point so we’ll forgive it. Making A Door Less Open is the new Car Seat Headrest album, and the result of collaborating with 1 Trait Danger; a Toledo side project (he as alter-ego ‘Trait’) alongside drummer Andrew Kats. Making A Door Less Open finds Toledo in new and imaginative recording techniques, with the album recorded twice: once live with real instruments, and again in a MIDI, totally synthetic setup. Using parts of each, the record was stitched together for a completely unique and dynamic experience. Making A Door Less Open is available in an indie store exclusive pink vinyl.
Released: May 2020
Cat: OLE1558
Label: Matador



1. Weightlifters
2. Can’t Cool Me Down
3. Hollywood
4. Martin
5. Hymn (Remix)
6. There Must Be More Than Blood
7. Deadlines
8. What’s With You Lately
9. Life Worth Missing
10. Famous
11. Deadlines (Alternate Acoustic) (CD Only)
12. Hollywood (Acoustic) (CD Only)