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Hormone Lemonade


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Tim Gane, formerly of the immensely accessible English-French avant-pop band Stereolab, returns with a third album with his band Cavern Of Anti-Matter. Hormone Lemonade, released on a limited coloured double 12” vinyl through their own Duophonic label, is a record that is difficult to define. The debut single ‘Make Out Fade Out’ is a combination of live instrumentation and acid basslines. As is the hallmark of electronic music; it is repetitive, built around sixteen bar loops and has defined swells of volume which precede a ‘drop’ in which the music becomes heavier. However, despite the track’s general structuring, and that it shares typical musical elements belonging to dance music, it is quite different from much of the electronic music currently in circulation. This stems from the uniqueness of the samples used in ‘Make Out Fade Out’ as the band utilise two home built drum machines named the Taktron Z3 and the Taktron Z2.

Consequently, whilst ‘Make Out Fade Out’ uses all of the tropes of dance music, it sounds like nothing you have heard before. Because of the one-off homemade instruments used; you categorically cannot have heard anything like it before.

Released: March 2018
Cat: D-UHF-D38C
Label: Duophonic



1. Malfunction
2. Make Out Fade Out
3. Phase Modulation Shuffle
4. Solarised Sound
5. Outerzone Jazs
6. Automatic Morning
7. Feed Me Magnetic Rain
8. Motion Flow
9. Remote Confection
10. Phantom Melodies