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Tomorrow's Gone

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Now, this is a special release. The good people at Numero Group have put out the works of forgotten artist Charlie Megira, the little-known Israeli guitarist described as the bastard love child of Elvis Presley and Lux Interior. Megira recorded seven albums in 15 years – a heady blend of Meek-esque surf and lo-fi greaser rock, defined by reverb-heavy, tremolo guitar and effects-drenched, softly vocals – much of it on low-budget CD-R, widely unknown and widely unavailable. While we gorged ourselves in the digital maelstrom, Megira quietly passed in 2016 at the age of 44. Tomorrow’s Gone is the first collection that attempts to capture much of his work across a 24-track double album. It is available on double vinyl LP and includes a lavish booklet that documents his life and time.

Released: November 2019
Cat: NUM211
Label: Numero Group



Side A
1. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (#)
2. The Coochimamas Swingers (*)
3. The Girl Who Was Frightened of Ashtrays (#)
4. The Death Dance of The Busty Hot Lifeguard Instructor Babe (~)
5. Smile Now, Cry Later (~)
6. Alligator Man (~)

Side B
1. Failure In Love (*)
2. Mali Boo (*)
3. At The Rasco (~)
4. Turn Around (~)
5. If You Only Knew (*)
6. Tomorrow’s Gone (#)

Side C
1. Direct Exercise No. 1 (*)
2. The Valley of Tears (^)
3. Fear and Joy (*)
4. Kiss of Death (*)
5. Je Ne Parle Pas Francais (^)
6. Dunkel Party (~)

Side D
1. Tower of Tongues (*)
2. Nothing (*)
3. Freak Junior (^)
4. Elvis Is Not Dead (^)
5. Psychic Youth-2 (^)
6. (Used to Be...) Psychic Youth (^)

Songs By:
# - Charlie Megira
* - Charlie Megira and The hefker girl
~ - Charlie Megira and The BeT She’an Valley hillBillieS
^ - Charlie Megira and The Modern danCe CluB