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Universal High

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Release: Released July 21st 2017
Product: Red coloured 12" LP + digital download
Cat: MA0095 (Marathon Artists)

Not content with ‘sticking to the plan’ after their moderate commercial successes from album number one, Childhood sway in new directions for album number two to keep “the man” at bay. Although it is more likely that they’ve just chosen to do something a little different because they just want to. On Universal High Childhood have delivered a summer lovin’ soul jam; a beautifully funky foray into an inspired world of American disco, blues and soul, but crucially all underpinned by a stable bed of terrific indie Brit-pop.

Available on limited red vinyl.

  1. A.M.D.
  2. Californian Light
  3. Cameo
  4. Too Old for My Tears
  5. Melody Says
  6. Universal High
  7. Understanding
  8. Don't Have Me Back
  9. Nothing Ever Seems Right
  10. Monitor

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