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Split LP


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The split LP, now there’s a thing! With rumours exaggerated of its death, Trashmouth Records have treated us to the very thing. This split LP features two of their hottest new punk prodigy’s, North Wales’ Chupa Cabra and St Neots’ No Friendz, who contribute six tracks apiece.

Both bands are similar in DIY punk aesthetic and yet certainly distinguishable from one another so there is absolutely no sign of “this all sounds the same to me!” with this record. While both bands play with more than a little tongue in cheek, Chupa Cabra are the more “put together” outfit, shall we say. That is to say that they create songs that kind of suggest the band is a very real thing and something intent on moving forward.

By contrast, No Friendz are about the antics; a full-throttle devil may give a fuck attitude towards their craft. Advertising their own album launch party they wrote, “Taking inspiration from such rock and roll luminaries as Shania Twain, Whigfield and Aqua; Trashmouth recording artists NoFriendz are bound to be the most fascinating 6/10 live experience of this year”, which kind of paints a picture of their approach to taking things less than too seriously. In the world of punk rock in particular, this carefree approach so often leads to sloppy horseshit. Importantly No Friendz avoid this beautifully and their songs always manage to retain relevance. They’re fun, dynamic (crazy), but always stay on the right side of being great to listen to.

Whichever side turns out to be your favourite, the point here is that they complement each other brilliantly – a masterstroke by the guys at Trashmouth and, in the bigger picture, a real victory for the old split album.

Released: March 2018
Cat: TMR14
Label: Trashmouth



Chupa Cabra
1. Sides of My Skull
2. Six Blues
3. Venice & Mars
4. Plaster Cast
5. All I Know
6. King Leech

No Friendz
1. Ballad
2. Bloody Love
3. I Saw Shonen Knife
4. Old Man Shiver
5. I Wanna Be A Hedgehog
6. Don’t Make A Fuss