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Cigarettes After Sex


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The swooning, romantically-led debut from New York’s Cigarettes After Sex has steadily built up a long line of expectant shoegaze fans following the success of break-out single ‘Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby’ from their 2012 EP.

Cigarettes After Sex are the latest tricksters to successfully use atmosphere as a prominent instrument. In the same way that Slowdive did so well earlier this year and bands like The Twilight Sad have long-since owned, the music is minimal. The strumming, the hitting, the picking; it’s all so minimal at times that it’s hardly there at all. But that minimalism is dripping in effects, creating a woozy atmosphere across each and every song.

Frontman Greg Gonzalez had deliberate aims for this record, explaining it as like a novel or feature-length version of what his band are and in that respect has certainly succeeded. Cigarettes After Sex is a beautifully cinematic complete piece of work. It has a touch of bygone cinema about it. It is all young romanticism in grey smoke-filled halls and haunting snapshots of lost love. This is the black and white film of the music world – even the vinyl itself is grey.

The vision was a complete works of cinematic, vintage pop-noir. Like a novel, with a story and a running order. You don’t go in at random chapters looking for “the hits” because you won’t find them. It is a complete work; a collection of songs that could be flanked either side and sold as hardbacks.

Released: June 2017
Cat: PTKF2146-3
Label: Partisan



          1. K.
          2. Each Time You Fall In Love
          3. Sunsetz
          4. Apocalypse
          5. Flash
          6. Sweet
          7. Opera House
          8. Truly
          9. John Wayne
          10. Young & Dumb