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Liquid Portraits


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Italian producer Clap! Clap! returns to Bristol's Black Acre with his third album, Liquid Portraits. Born and bred in Florence, Cristiano Crisci’s musical career extends back to the mid-90s where he started out as a rapper, before picking up a saxophone and exploring both jazz and jazz/punk fusion. By 2008, Crisci decided to strike it out on his own as Digi G’Alessio, channeling the same hip-hop meets electronic music energies as those animating the nascent Los Angeles beat scene for a string of EPs and albums. soon Crisci hit upon a new formula when he started combining samples from the African continent with energetic drum programming. the results led to the birth of Clap! Clap! in 2013,

Released: July 2020
Cat: Black Acre



1. Desert Stone
2. Liquid Mantra
3. Hokkaido's Farewell Portrait
4. Southern Dub (feat. Domenico Candellori)
5. Kif In The Rif
6. Mandragora
7. Moving On (feat. Martha Da’ro)
8. Rising Fire (feat. Kety Fusco)
9. Quietude
10. Tostoini
11. Blue Flower
12. Liquid Portraits (feat. Piero Spitilli