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Golden Island

by Club 8
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Swedish music duo Club 8 has been pushing the boundaries of music for over two decades. Formed back in 1995 they have released eight albums, with Golden Island being the ninth. Their sound has changed constantly over their years in the business, incorporating various music styles such as boss-nova, trance, trip-hop, and even dub.

Golden Island is their most adventurous album to date using strange instruments and sampled voices that are at times chilled and soothing before switching to something haunting and otherworldly.

That being said, this album screams ‘night-time chill’ with tracks like ‘Fire’ and ‘Breathe’ that are so subtle they’re perfect for drinks with friends. “Swimming With The Tide’ is more ethereal and much better suited to when you want to be alone with your thoughts.

This is an album for those with an imagination; it’s quiet and often very dreamlike – a very different beast from other Club 8 albums. It can be purchased on standard 12” vinyl. Well worth a listen.


1. Swimming With The Tide
2. Breathe
3. Lost
4. Pacific
5. Got To Live
6. Fire
7. You’ve Got Heart
8. Touch You
9. Strange Reflection
10. Silence


Released: January 2018
Cat: LAB163V / Labrador