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What Life

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Club Night is an amalgam of the members’ disparate influences and its beguiling debut full-length. What Life breathes compassion into the world through profoundly unique musical offerings.

These eight songs are jagged compendiums of contrasting moments, refracting and bending before melding into one. What Life feels like a labyrinthine creation, running fearlessly from one sound to next, starting at times as down-tempo bar ballads before bending into runaway math rock songs and culminating in anthemic bursts of white noise, bellowing drums and triumphant vocals.

At the end of the day, a theme of hope unfolds throughout What Life as the realization that once having found an honest sense of belonging in your community, you can finally be able to thrive without fear of shame. The record pries into the fragile psyche of outsiders, but it’s not an ode to defeatism. Existing is a struggle which Club Night will continue to fight not with fists but with the connective power of empathy.

Released: April 2019
Cat: LPTE190
Label: Tiny Engines



1. Path
2. Cough
3. Mute
4. Cherry
5. Trance
6. Wit
7. Village
8. Thousands