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The Much Much How How And I


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The Much Much How How And I is the debut album from Cosmo Sheldrake. Influenced by Moondog, The Beatles and Stravinsky; shaped by Sheldrake’s study of anthropology at the University of Sussex and his longstanding interest in ethnomusicology; it’s no wonder this sounds like the life soundtrack of an 8-year-old who explores rock pools on the coast. 

Standout track ‘Wriggle’ begins with a sort of thematic minimalist variation, which forms the circus-like ostinato that plays throughout. It has the essence of Sandie Shaw’s ‘Puppet On A String,’ but with hip-hop splashes, interesting arrangements and whimsical lyrics.

‘Come Along’ starts like a grand scene from Jason and Argonauts - with cymbal crashes and orchestral arrangements, until Cosmo’s bizarre story telling comes in: “Come along catch a Heffalump/ Sit with me on a muddy clump.” Interestingly, the video for 'Come Along' (directed by Josh Allott), is both about the experience of having head lice and being a head louse.

‘Mind of Rocks’ features the voice and co-writing credit of Brighton-based musician Kassia Zermon (aka Bunty).  Available as a 12” vinyl, the album was produced by Sheldrake and Matthew Herbert (Bjork, London Sinfonietta) and was recorded at Soup Studios and in Cosmo’s basement.



1. Linger Longer
2. Wriggle
3. Birth a Basket
4. Birthday Suit
5. Come Along
6. Solar Waltz
7. Mind of Rocks (ft Bunty)
8. Spring Bottom
9. Egg and Soldiers
10. Axolotl
11. Pliocene
12. Linger a While
13. Beetroot Kvass
14. Hockinge


Released: April 2018
Cat: TRANS319X / Transgressive