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More. Again. Forever

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Far be it from me to kick against anyone’s creative nous, but that album title is some level of rough, isn’t it? Anyway, while it may seem like only yesterday you were getting your rocks off to ‘Not Nineteen Forever’ in a sweat-stained hole of an indie bar – wake up! – that was 11 years ago and The Courteeners have released four more albums since then. If you like to live your life languishing in a world where you pretend the NME didn’t go up the spout, or the term ‘guitar band’ is still cool, More. Again. Forever could be your baby.

Released: January 2020
Cat: 5052946186015
Label: Ignition



1. Heart Attack
2. Heavy Jacket
3. More. Again. Forever.
4. Better Man
5. Hanging Off Your Cloud
6. Previous Parties
7. The Joy Of Missing Out
8. One Day At A Time
9. Take It On The Chin
10. Is Heaven Even Worth It?