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Hollow Ground

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The first time I heard Cut Worms I was awestruck at the astonishing feat of 1960s re-creation by Max Clarke. Influences are one thing; shades of’s, inspired by’s – fine, but this is the 1960s. I mean, obviously it isn’t, but it is absolutely its identikit.

Hollow Ground is a most welcome reproduction of 1960s rock ‘n’ roll anyway. A production so sweet and swinging that it’s a real wonder we don’t see this very often. There are a lot of Everly Brothers citations toward this record, but for me it’s pure Merseybeat. The Hollies and The Searchers spring right to mind, with Clarke’s American tales draped over the top.

While the majority of Hollow ground is new ground, ‘Don’t Want To Say Good-Bye’ and ‘Like Going Down Sideways’ have been re-worked from his 2017 EP Alien Sunset. The former especially has been re-worked beautifully, retaining the loving 60s charm but uprating the sound from a scratched-up 45 to a mint pressing, losing the previously slightly overproduced vocal.

Some will label Hollow Ground ‘lo-fi’, which for me misses the point. Previous EP Alien Sunsent, sure, but the “fidelity” achieved on Hollow Ground is absolutely deliberate and crafted through extraordinary talent.


1. How It Can Be
2. Coward’s Confidence
3. Don’t Want To Say Good-Bye
4. It Won’t Be Too Long
5. Till Tomorrow Goes Away
6. Like Going Down
7. Sideways
8. Think I Might Be In Love
9. Cash For Gold
10. Hanging Your Picture Up To Dry
11. Mad About You


Released: May 2018
Cat: JAG310 / Jagjaguwar