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The Horizon Just Laughed


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Suggesting an album may be seasonal is to suggest it’s a Christmas album, but let’s not forget the other seasons. Sometimes an album comes along that slots beautifully in to the Spring/Summer category. That’s EXACTLY where this gem from Damien Jurado fits.

One comment on YouTube said ‘Over Rainbows and Rainier’ was “tender” and that’s exactly what it is. The Horizon Just Laughed is brimming with those tender moments and as the kids would say it has all the feels.

‘Allocate’ is 5 minutes of pure acoustic loveliness with Jurado’s vocals accompanying laid-back guitar sounds and atmospheric strings.

I may get strung up for making this comparison but on The Horizon Just Laughed, his 17th studio album, I think Damien Jurado is sounding every bit the John Martyn we so heartily miss.

Now I’ve purchased this on vinyl my next objective is to find a way to attach my record player to the dashboard of my car so that I can listen to it whilst cruising the open-roads of the M62.



1. Allocate
2. Dear Thomas Wolfe
3. Percy Faith
4. Over Rainbows and Rainer
5. The Last Great Washington State
6. Cindy Lee
7. 1973
8. Marvin Kaplan
9. Lou - Jean
10. Florence - Jean
11. Random Fearless


Released: May 2018
Cat: SC365 / Secretly Canadian