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Ice Glitter Gold


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Ice Glitter Gold is the new album from psychedelic indie-pop artist Dana Buoy, aka Dana Janssen.

The ultra-talented multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and vocalist, originally a member of Akron/Family, is back with an alluring new set of tracks, created alongside long-time collaborator Justin Miller.

Released on 12” vinyl LP via Everloving Records, Ice Glitter Gold is a shimmering, ultra-modern offering.

Serving up more of the quirky, percussive psych-pop we loved from the Akron/Family days, with an extra-sleek new edge, Dana Buoy’s latest album is a reflection on happiness, heartbreak and disconnect.

Of the eight tracks on the album, the experimental ‘Twisted Sky’ is the stand out, with sharp synth elements, a thread of discord weaving through the melody and an addictive chorus.

Ice Glitter Gold was partially recorded in New York, with the rest of the tracks laid down in Janssen’s hometown of Portland. It was co-produced by Janssen alongside John Morgan Askew and Abe Seiferth, and is Dana Buoy’s first release since 2014’s Preacher.

Released: March 2018
Cat: LPEVE056
Label: Everloving Records



1. Twisted Sky
2. Ice Glitter Gold
3. Whatever
4. Colours Out
5. Let Go Awhile
6. Bloom
7. Too Early
8. Only One