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American Utopia

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At long last, former Talking Heads front man David Byrne is back with his first solo LP in 14 years.

American Utopia is another collaboration with long-term affiliate Brian Eno, a reassuring foot note for die-hard fans.

Another part to his on-going ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’ series, Byrne continues to offer us quirky observations on the current society around him. This latest collection of stories is a comment on Byrne’s America, but this is not Billie Joe’s American Idiot. Byrne is a clever man, and American Utopia is cleverer as a consequence.

Lead single ‘Everybody’s Coming to my House’ is an epic, groove-laden chunk of charismatic pop; the perfect introduction to the album’s second release ‘This is That’, another example of Byrne’s trademark eccentricity.

This time, Byrne has recruited guests for a wide range of contributions on American Utopia, most notably TT, Happa, Isaiah Barr and Sampha. The richness and diversity of the album is further borne out through these additions.

American Utopia is not, as the title may suggest, ironic. It is an album about what might be possible. It looks forward, not back. David Byrne has been doing this brilliantly for a long time now. It shows too.


1. American Utopia
2. I Dance Like This
3. Gasoline And Dirty Sheets
4. Every Day Is A Miracle
5. Dog’s Mind
6. This Is That
7. It’s Not Dark Up Here
8. Bullet
9. Doing The Right Thing
10. Everybody’s Coming To My House
11. Here

    Released: March 2018
    Cat: 075597932218 / Nonesuch