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We're Not Going Anywhere

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Release: Released September 8th 2017
Product: 12" LP + digital download
Cat: SW40101 (Streetworld)

Being half Mexican/half American, David Ramirez reflects on the current political climate as someone who's lineage has been under direct verbal assault from the President of his homeland this year. Rather than being an overtly obvious politicised record though, Ramirez' brand of dark Americana ensures the album retains it's musical qualities first and foremost.


1. Twins
2. Watching From a Distance
3. People Call Who They Wanna Talk To
4. Time
5. Good Heart
6. Stone Age
7. Telephone Lovers
8. Villain
9. Eliza Jane
10. I'm Not Going Anywhere


(The words of the press release, not us)

Ramirez’s most adventurous album to date, but a record that captures the mood of the country in its music as well as in its lyrics. : “Being half white and half Mexican has made this current political climate especially interesting. So many cultures in this country are being viewed as un-American and it breaks my heart". This is the first album I’ve had properly produced,” says Ramirez, who either produced or co-produced all of his previous efforts. For We’re Not Going Anywhere, he hired Sam Kassirer, who has helmed albums by Josh Ritter, Lake Street Dive, Bhi Bhiman, and many other artists. “I needed to evolve and change things up a bit, which is why I chose Sam. He pushed me in a way I hadn’t been pushed before.” Kassirer challenged Ramirez to simultaneously simplify and complicate his songwriting, to find new ways to tell his stories and make a band record. In January 2017 Ramirez and his band decamped to the Great North Sound Society, an eighteenth-century farmhouse in rural Maine that serves as Kassirer’s studio. Especially in the winter, when the trees are bare and snow blankets the ground, the setting proved inspiring. “It’s very secluded, which was part of the appeal. We were able to get out of our touring headspace and stay completely involved with the record and what we were doing.”