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Hailing out of Germany, multi-Instrumentalist Belgian producer Dijf Sanders spell-bounds us with his signature blend of electronic and acoustic music yet again. This time traveling to Indonesia for an in-depth exploration of its culture to bring back to our ears.

Java is essentially a love letter to the Indonesian way of life, after spending time over there exploring the most indigenous and populated areas. He brought countless recordings of his musical experience back home which is exactly what birthed this album. The ‘Biennial Arts Festival’ which was happening across Europe at the time gave him two weeks to engulf himself in the vast traditions and sound of the area, all of which playing a vital role in the authenticity of this album.

The album, released by W.E.R.F records features 9 tracks, each as eclipsing as the last, mixing a cauldron of genres such as jazz, electronic, country and folk. With such a blended rich pallet of sound bouncing off each other which form up to create such a unique vinyl, I mean curiosity alone should make you want this one.



1 Akim
2 Kaster
3 Calunpung
4 Bandung
5 Susukan
6 Jaipong
7 Banyumas
8 Cibeusi
9 Teguh


Released: December 2017
Cat: WERF150 / W.E.R.F Records