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Promenade (2020)


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2020 celebrates the 30th anniversary of Neil Hannon’s The Divine Comedy, a three-decade period that has seen the band release 12 incredible albums. To mark the occasion, nine of the band’s classic back catalogue have been remastered from the original tapes at Abbey Road Studios and reissued on vinyl. Promenade was the third album from The Divine Comedy, released in 1994, loosely recounting a day in the life of a pair of friends/siblings/lovers. Promenade was, and remains, a huge hit with fans of Hannon's work. The CD reissue edition includes a bonus disc of never-heard-before demos and alternative versions curated by Neil Hannon himself.

Released: August 2020
Label: Divine Comedy Records



1. Bath
2. Going Downhill Fast
3. The Booklovers
4. A Seafood Song
5. Geronimo
6. Don't Look Down
7. When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe
8. The Summerhouse
9. Neptune's Daughter
10. A Drinking Song
11. Ten Seconds To Midnight
12. Tonight We Fly

Bonus CD:

1. Ten Seconds To Midnight (Alternate Version)
2. Assume The Goldsmith
3. When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe (Live)
4. Tell Me What's Wrong
5. Life's What You Make It
6. Lost Prom Jam
7. Neptune's Daughter (Demo)
8. Going Downhill Fast (Instrumental)
9. The Booklovers (Demo)
10. The Bright Lights Of Ealing
11. Bath (Alternate Version)
12. The Summerhouse (Early Idea)
13. The Summerhouse (Live)
14. When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe (Early Idea)
15. A Woman Of The World (Promenade Style Demo)
16. Geronimo (Live With Yann Tiersen)
17. Don't Look Down (Demo)
18. A Drinking Song (Live)
19. Only For Tonight
20. Tonight We Fly (Demo)