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Bloody Lovely

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Australia’s DZ Deathrays return after a four-year break, with their third album, Bloody Lovely. The follow up to 2014’s Black Rat sees the popular two-piece band’s material becoming much more of a pop rock sound.

Bloody Lovely gives much more of a live feeling than previous releases, with the band’s growing confidence in abundant evidence. As before, the music is loud and fun, with catchy choruses and heavy riffs very much the flavour of the day.

However, Bloody Lovely is so much more. The band now seem to have much more bite to their bark. The more mature sound they have now contains themes that are more adult, a natural progression in itself.

Yes, the scratchy vocals and the aggressive vigour is still there, as we would want, but DZ Deathrays have a softer under-belly too. ‘Afterglow’ and the softer ‘Over It’ are introspective, practically melancholy, but this works with ease.

Bloody Lovely’s first single ‘Shred for Summer’, also the album’s opener, is poppy and catchy; the epic closing track ‘Witchcraft P.II’ is aggressive and noisy, while fans of shorter, more thrashy tracks, will be head banging to ‘Bad Influence’ and ‘Guillotine’.

This album is excellent. Bloody lovely in fact.



1. Shred For Summer
2. Total Meltdown
3. Feeling Good, Feeling Great
4. Like People
5. High
6. Guillotine
7. Bad Influence
8. Over It
9. Back & Forth
10. Afterglow
11. Witchcraft, Pt. II


Released: February 2018
Cat: ALCOPOP170X / Alcopop!