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Red, White & Zero


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Anthoney Hart is known best for his work as Basic Rhythm and Imaginary Forces with both finding success on the UK dance and rave scenes respectively. With East Man, Hart changed direction by teaming up with grime MCs such as Saint P, Irah, Killa P and Eklipse.

Red, White & Zero is a unique take on grime, taking the sound back to its steely roots, whilst injecting outside influences of other music genres such as dancehall, drum and bass and techno. It’s inspired by the relationship between the mixed, working class cultures that are living in and around London and the lyrics used reflect that. This is an album that anyone who enjoys grime or dance/electronic music will enjoy.

Whilst researching for the album, Hart struck up a friendship with academic and theorist Paul Gilroy who ended up writing the introduction to the album that provides a good overview on the themes involved.

Released: February 2018
Cat: ZIQ395
Label: Planet Mu




01 East Man - East Man Theme

02 East Man & Saint P - Can’t Tell Me Bout Nothing

03 East Man & Darkos Strife - Cruisin’

04 East Man & Killa P – Mission

05 East Man – Stratfor

06 East Man & Irah – War



01 East Man – Drapesing

02 East Man & Eklipse – Safe

03 East Man & Lyrical Strally – Mmm

04 East Man & Kwam - Tear Down

05 East Man & Darkos Strife - Look & Liste

06 East Man - And What? (Blood Klaat Version)