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Riddles is a project seen as a re-birth of Baltimore’s Ed Schrader’s Music Beat. Desperate to take their music to new levels and spurred by deeply emotional and life changing events, vocalist and drummer Ed along with bassist Devlin Rice, reached out to their producer friend Dan Deacon to craft their new LP.

The result? A highly accessible, tight slab of alternative rock – particularly from a guy who used to bang drums solo and yelp bare-chested to fans as his act (Schrader) – and easily their most expansive and significant release, following previous albums Jazz Mind (2012) and Party Jail (2014), two post-punk records mixed in double quick-time and without huge amounts of consideration.

Riddles is different; a two-year project to create something other than “another two-piece rock record”, as Devlin put it.

Album opener ‘Dunce’ is genuinely as good a spitting punk record as you’ll hear in 2018, but quality runs right through Riddles. ‘Kid Radium’ is another stand-out; a lively, synth-peddling anthem, adding weight to the real variety on show here. Take ‘Dizzy Devil’ for instance, a fairly minimalist proto-punk groove in the vein of Snapped Ankles or Sextile that bursts into a thundering tribalistic chorus of drums and war-cries. Exceptional.

Available on super lovely limited red and gold starburst vinyl.



1. Dunce
2. Seagull
3. Riddles
4. Dizzy Devil
5. Wave To The Water
6. Rust
7. Kid Radium
8. Humbucker Blues
9. Tom


Released: March 2018
Cat: CAK125 / Car Park Records