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Since The Fiery Furnaces took some time out in 2011, Eleanor Friedberger has released three cracking solo albums. Rebound is her fourth solo release and for me it is her best to date.

There’s no question about her, or her brother’s, musicality. They’ve been doing it long enough, but it seems with each solo performance Eleanor Friedberger is getting more and more belief in her own talents as a solo performer.

‘In Between Stars’ is pop music at its’ best, with use of electronica to reinforce the vibe. ‘Make Me A Song’ starts with chugging rhythms and develops in to a melancholic pop fusion that is symbolic of the entire album.

It seems to me that not only is her confidence and belief growing, but her vocals are getting stronger and she’s taking more chances with them. And boy are they paying off.

One of the lines from ‘Make Me A Song’ is “…I could love you more” but I honestly don’t think I could love Rebound more than I already do.



1. My Jesus Phase
2. The Letter
3. Everything
4. In Between Stars
5. Make Me A Song
6. Nice To Be Nowhere
7. It's Hard
8. Are We Good?
9. Showy Early Spring
10. Rule of Action


Released: May 2018
Cat: FKR0911 / Frenchkiss Records