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The Spark

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Release: Released September 22nd 2017
Product: Silver coloured 12" LP
Cat: PIASR990 (Play It Again Sam)

The Spark is the new album from one of Britain's consistently popular groups on the alternative underground market. Returning with an album described as "Shikari's most melodic and personal album to date", The Spark takes inspiration largely from Rou Reynolds' recent personal turmoils alongside the usual Shikari take on Planet Earth.

The Spark is available on silver coloured vinyl.


1. The Spark
2. The Sights
3. Live Outside
4. Take My Country Back
5. Airfield
6. Rabble Rouser
7. Shinrin-yoku
8. Undercover Agents
9. The Revolt Of The Atoms
10. An Ode To Lost Jigsaw Piece (In Two Movements)
11. The Embers


(The words of the press release, not us)

Enter Shikari release their highly anticipated new album ‘The Spark’, following a special show for fans at The Borderline in London and a reveal of the first single ‘Live Outside’ as Hottest Record In The World on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show. Their next London show will be the 10,000 capacity Alexandra Palace as part of their 2017 Arena tour.

‘The Spark’ is an ambitious, inspiring piece of work that poignantly reflects their legendary career rise to have become one of the biggest and most exciting bands the UK has ever seen.

Following four seminal albums of which three have been Top 10, ‘The Spark’ is produced by David Kosten (Everything Everything, Bat For Lashes) and is Shikari’s most melodic and personal album to date; a soundtrack to our tumultuous world, a record for everyone who’s filled with frustration but hasn’t lost the capacity for hope.