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Slowly Paradise


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Experimental. Conceptual. Bent Jazz. Are you still with me? Good. Because this guy may just change your view of these twisted concepts that some people call noise and others call genius. Eric Chenaux strikes me as somebody who is so comfortable with his own level of brilliance that he is quite literally experimenting with his music. Because he can. And because he wants to. The man has been there, done it and composed a film score for it. This album makes you question what you understand about the artistry of music. The bits that us laymen possibly pretend to know but don’t really have a clue. Don’t get me wrong this is not a comfortable listen, not because it’s bad, but because you have to LISTEN, like really listen. It’s an album of love songs but they are so non-conformist you probably don’t recognise them as such. This is an album that was designed for the complete listening experience, and no matter how pretentious that sounds, buy it on vinyl, sit back and enjoy. Or at the very least, appreciate.

Released: March 2018
Cat: CST131
Label: Constellation



1. Bird & Moon
2. Slowly Paradise
3. An Abandoned Rose
4. Slowly Paradise (Lush)
5. There's Our Love
6. Wild Moon