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Introduction To Escape-ism


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If you’ve spent the last 25 years following the career of Ian Svenonius, you’ll have spent that time embroiled in the gospel-influenced agitprop rock with a garage twist that he so clearly thrives on. This first true solo album is a different angle for Svenonius, who has chosen the name Escape-ism for this short tour into the twisted darkness of his brain. It’s a lot more low key than his work with Nation of Ulysses or even his most recent work with Chain and the Gang, with a subdued tone brought to life using nothing more than a guitar, a drum machine, and his painfully raw vocals. His distinctive voice gives Introduction To Escape-ism an element of filth to it; this is an album for hot, sweaty nights with a bottle of something that’ll make you blind, and someone’s clothes scattered across the bedroom floor. This isn’t post-punk as much as it is post-depravity.

For 31 minutes this album teases addiction and politics whilst reminding you of what loneliness feels like, right down to the bones. With its sense of revolution and dislocation, this is half an hour of dirt and introspection from a sweat-stained studio with a creative genius.



1. Walking in the Dark
2. Lonely at the Top
3. Rome Wasn’t Burnt in a Day
4. Iron Curtain
5. Almost No One (Can Have My Love)
6. They Took the Waves
7. The Stars Get in the Way
8. I Don’t Remember You
9. Crime Wave Rock


Released: November 2017
Cat: MRG613LP / Merge