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Tub Of Lard


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In just over a year since their initial inception, Eye Flys have established themselves as a force beyond reckoning. Their debut full-length Tub of Lard is stunningly potency full of piss and vinegar, scientific in its ability to pulverize everything in its path. Due in part to the considerable pedigree of the band’s line- up (including members of Full of Hell, Backslider, Triac), the East Coast-based quartet chew through steel-barbed riffs and off-kilter rhythms with exponential force. Their 2019 debut EP Context set an early precedent for just how lean and ruthless they can be. On Tub of Lard, Eye Flys launch that potential into 10 songs of maximum impact that find both raw power and subtlety in their simplicity. Tub Of Lard is available in an indie store exclusive "lard coloured" vinyl.

Released: March 2020
Cat: THRILL522
Label: Thrill Jockey



1. Tubba Lard
2. Guillotine
3. Predator and Prey
4. Not Ready for Tomorrow
5. Reality Tunnel
6. Nice Guy
7. Chapel Perilous
8. Extraterrestrial
9. Memoradum
10. BLS
11. Perception is Gamble