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Void Moments


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Chicago trio FACS have evolved very quickly in the span of their three-year existence. Void Moments is their third & latest off­ering; a‑dark & claustrophobic album with rivulets of seismic beauty peeking through the din. Formed in the wake of the dissolution of Disappears, guitarist Brian Case & drummer Noah Leger's project is the logical continuation of the trails blazed in their former outfit. Since their 2017 debut Negative Houses, the band have reworked, retooled & reshaped their sound, and with the addition of bassist Alianna Kalaba on 2018's Lifelike, their evolution has coalesced into something distinct. Gone is the bone-rattling minimalism of Negative Houses; Void Moments o­ffers an abstraction of the melodic elements that crept into Lifelike and contorts them toward a new horizon. 

Released: March 2020
Cat: TIM152
Label: Trouble In Mind



1. Boy
2. Teenage Hive – Have a Listen
3. Casual Indifference
4. Version
5. Void Walker
6. Lifelike
7. Dub Over